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Naked Rambler Organisation Introduction Chapter One

Chapter    One

In the summer of 2014, six friends, John, James, Jasmine, Margaret, George and Colin got together and decided that they would go on an adventure. It was to be no ordinary trip. They set off from Land’s End to John O’ Groats and back down again over the spine of the country ending up in Eastleigh, Hampshire following the same route taken by the glorious and minted naked rambler Stephen Gough during his long sporadic naked walks between 2003 and 2013 across most of England, Wales and Scotland.

In a moment of inspiration, one of the famous six revisited his favourite spot along the naked rambler’s way and came up with the idea of burying some treasure there for the others to find.

He set about writing a book of 16 chapters. One clue was in each chapter that, when added together, led to the approximate location of the buried treasure. When the first person in the group managed to decipher the hidden code, they were to send an email with their answers to the 16 clues in the book and the location of where they thought the treasure was hidden. The final clue would then be revealed to the winner and they could go in search of their prize and dig it up.

None of the group, however, were able to work out all the clues in the book and the treasure remains buried to this day, somewhere along the naked rambler’s long and winding worn out trail.

The 16 chapters of “Buried Treasure with the Naked Rambler” are to be revealed here in the coming months. One book - One prize. 16 chapters - 16 clues. There is a finite number of possibilities. There can only be one winner.

The first person to solve the clues and email the correct answers to treasurehunt@nakedrambler.org will be sent the final clue to the exact location of where the treasure is buried.

Buried Treasure with the Naked Rambler. A search for the Holy Grail of Stephen Gough. Hidden somewhere on his trail between Land’s End to John O’ Groats.