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Naked Rambler In Jail Again

Posted on 13/9/2012, 18:21 by Fiona Kabuki on “Those Big Wordshere :

This is really not news because the same thing has been going on for 6 years.

A man called Stephen Gough walks about, mainly in Scotland, without any clothes on. He has never been accused of threatening anyone: never had any convictions for doing anything else so far as I know. But for 6 years he has been almost continuously in jail and in solitary confinement because he won't put his clothes on. Most recently when he appeared in court he broke down in tears. The judge took the view that this showed he might have mental health problems - though I suspect most folk might cry if they were facing jail for the umpteenth time for something they do not consider to be wrong.

It is now reported that he refused to cooperate with the poor bloody social worker told off to make an assessment, and so he has been given another custodial term.

Mr Gough is extremely obstinate: or principled; or daft ....depends on your point of view I suppose. What he is not is dangerous. I found this comment in the report telling:


“shows a degree of arrogance and disregard for the rights of other members of the public, in particular children, who have the right not to see naked men.” (my bolding)

What kind of a right is that? What is it about a naked man that renders sight of him a problem so great that we have "rights" which protect us from it? That truly puzzles me. How does that square with his rights? Does he have any? If not, why not?

What are we spending all this money persecuting this man for? Is it imagined that if he is left in peace hordes of folk will follow his lead? In Scotland? In summer with the midges? In winter? If there really are a lot of folk who want to do that let them get on with it: the costs of treatment for frostbite are not likely to be as high as keeping him in jail: and should be offset by sales of insect repellent, I imagine.

This is nothing less than embarrassing. Next