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Naked Rambler Organisation

Who Bares Wins toured the Highlands in 2004. Starring Ron Emslie and Alyth McCormack, the show was inspired by the antics of Steve Gough, AKA The Naked Rambler, as he walked unclothed from Land's End to John O' Groats. Little did he know that the True North is in fact the tiny hamlet of Dunnet and WBW tells the story of the local community's attempts to entice him "the extra mile" for their own reasons.

This performance was recorded at The Universal Hall, Findhorn, with The Naked Rambler himself in the audience. Produced by Right Lines Productions, the full story of the play can be read in this link.


Published on 21 Nov 2012

A stage performance in the Dukes Theatre, in Lancaster.

This segment cut is from:

Dalgety - The Naked Rambler by David Greig (Scotland);

 Directed by Ruth Gregson


Sergeant ---------------- Paul Sellwood

Constable --------------- Holly Francis

Published on 3 May 2012

Part of the National Theatre of Scotland's Five Minute Theatre - 1 May 2012

A monologue by Kieran Hurley about Naked Rambler Stephen Gough.

Leave your boring life behind you and come on a quest for the Holy Grail. Follow Sir Augustus (the so-called Knight of the Trestle Table) on his journey of discovery and on his adventures with the Naked Rambler. See how he found peace and happiness in the unlikeliest of places and how you can too. All will be revealed (literally).

Mythical, musical and comical - and that's just Augustus.

The Holy Grail, that mystical object that brings peace and happiness to all who find it. What is it? Where is it? What's in it? Augustus tries to answer the Big Question: How can a person be happy in a world that is so cruel. From the Garden of Eden to a police cell in Redditch; via onions, elephants and octopuses; using songs, stories, verses and jokes; we follow Augustus on his journey of discovery to the answer, and perhaps, the Holy Grail itself. Adults only.

No underpants were harmed in the making of this show.

This new show from Augustus Stephens will be on at:

Brighton Fringe (18th - 21st May at the Quadrant)

Rugby Festival of Arts and Culture (29th & 30th June at the Town and County Club)

Limehouse Town Hall, London (4th July)

Edinburgh Festival Fringe (23 nights in August at the Free Sisters on Cowgate)

Augustus and the Holy Grail Augustus and the Holy Grail - Click on image for link to website NEW PLAY NEW PLAY