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Naked Rambler Organisation

The First International Scud games will be held in the Autumn of 2017 in the Scottish Borders town of Peebles. The well known lowland landmark and naked rambler stomping ground paid homage to the upstanding gentleman of Eastleigh by letting him pass through their idyllic town relatively unscathed in October 2012. With hardly a blink of an eye, the man sometimes known as ‘the word made flesh’, was in and out of the quaint town centre before you could say, “Get your trousers on old man!”

The main event will be The Scud Archery competition held in a field just south of the River Tweed on the way to Cardrona Forest. Scud Archery, or Scudarchery as it is pronounced has become a very popular non contact sport. Wind plays a significant part in the execution and aim of the archer and participants are advised to take care in what they are pointing at when holding their loaded weapon.

Details will follow at a later date.

Scudarchery Targets

Scudarchery, not to be confused with Naked Archery is very much a scent based challenge and projectiles can be flavoured with the fruits of the forest, the scent of a woman or just plain country.

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