© Copyright 2016 Naked Rambler Organisation. All Rights Reserved. | Design: ASPIS Committee. Disclaimer - Published in Scotland as a political satire.

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Naked Rambler Organisation


Je ne sais pas Charlie. Je suis Steve, s’il vous plaît! The new Steve Hobo Naked Rambler Satirical Magazine. Poking fun at the British judiciary and its inability to deal fairly and squarely with a simple man with simple tastes on a simple mission to discover the truth about himself. Steve Hobo is modelled on Hampshire’s very own Naked Rambler Stephen Gough and his quest to live a free and easy lifestyle being naked in the Eastleigh community. Steve Hobo is the singular most unpopular man to ever grace this United Kingdom. He has tried to change the lives of so many people through his inspirational, but sometimes often incomprehensible words, not to mention his unusual way of life. So far, all has been in vain. It is a celebration of failure in the tenth degree. Can Steve Hobo somehow finally succeed in the end? Only time will tell!

Front cover design inspired by French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Naked Rambler cartoon by Glen Vaudrey. Editing by George Cavanagh.

“Je Suis Steve” concept and additional artwork by Ian Beveridge.