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Naked Rambler Organisation Scud of the Year Award

The Scud of the Year Award goes to the most entertaining person who has achieved fame and notoriety through their spontaneous outburst of public nudity in an open space or sporting occasion. The act must be of a non-violent, non-provocative type and done in the best possible taste and traditions of civil disobedience as laid down by the writer Henry David Thoreau. Nominations are made on a regular monthly basis and the names are compiled in the Premier Scud League Table opposite. The nominations run from January to December each year and every attempt will be made to contact nominees of their inclusion in the Scud of the Year Award Competition.

The winner will be chosen from the list in January 2016 and will receive one Commemorative Naked Walk to Freedom Scud Coin as their reward for outstanding achievement in bravery and ingenuity in the field of exhibitionism.

Disclaimer: Scud Awards do not encourage people to streak. It may be against regulations and considered bad etiquette in some countries. Fines and criminal records may be applicable. These are the decisions that participants choose to make of their own accord and at their own risk of which they themselves may have to bare the consequences of at a later date.

See “Sons of Freedom” page for explanation of Media Frenzy.

When Scuds attack, it can be at any time, any place, any where. That’s the beauty of Scud Attack!

The Streakers

Valentine's Day streaker entertains Cricket World Cup fans during New Zealand's easy win over Sri Lanka in Christchurch 14 February 2015.

“Players and fans of New Zealand and Sri Lanka were treated to an impromptu streaker during their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 opener.New Zealand cruised to victory over their opponents but not before a brief interruption at the Hagley Oval as the streaker got his five minutes of fame.” Source: Daniel Prescott Daily Mail

Group A game between England and Scotland in Christchurch. February 23, 2015 Streaker shows off his goolies down under.

“Generally there is nothing more tedious than a flabby streaker who runs on to a pitch and we certainly don't want to encourage any more. But the man who interrupted play towards the end of this match showed a turn of pace and a quickness of foot that just might have been the most athletic thing witnessed all day. He sidestepped a dozen or so stewards before vaulting the boundary, running up a grass bank and racing over the net area where he scaled a wall to escape towards the park and the centre of the city. Eventually he was caught. His nakedness did make him stand out a little.” Source: George Dobell ESPN

Valentine's Day streaker arrested after running down Rotherham street completely NAKED. 14 February 2015

“A 'flasher' who ran completely naked down a busy shopping street on Valentine's Day has been arrested by police. Shoppers got an eye-full as the man pranced down the road before entering a branch of the Co-Operative supermarket. Members of the public called police to Maltby High Street in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, who arrested the man.”       

Source: Tom Brooks-Pollock The Mirror

Statue of Erika Roe Streaker who became a celebrity after her streak in 1982: by Sally Hackett Ceramic Michael O’Brien  First ever streaker: by Sally Hackett

Mark Roberts is Britain’s best loved and most famous streaker. Check out Mark’s new website here for some exciting news and details of The Streaker’s very own “Streaker League Table” coming soon in 2015.

Investigative reporter Adam Lee-Potter wrote an excellent article on Mark’s retirement from streaking in 2013. See here for Adam Lee Potter’s exclusive Daily Mail story.

Video opposite courtesy of YouTube

'The Message' starring world famous streaker Mark Roberts!

Directed by Samuel de Ceccatty

Song taken from Dustaphonics upcoming album "Big Smoke London Town", Dirty Water Records on 15th June 2014.

The Streaker Y-Fronts Available from streaker.com

Artist’s impressions of the Obverse and Reverse sides of the new Scud Coins now under development in colloboration with medal makers Thomas Fattorini of Birmingham.

Monthly Nominations

Newspaper Reports

Ephraim McIntyre Kiwi Streaker entertains Cricket World Cup fans


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Daily Mail

Streaker shows off his goolies down under


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Rotherham’s Valentine’s Day Streaker


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