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Day Two – The Road to Peebles

By KENNY ANGOVE, Fully clothed with the Naked Rambler

Published: 07th October 2012

NAKED Rambler Stephen Gough tries to make a clean getaway from Scotland yesterday — by washing in an icy burn.

The 53-year-old took the quick dip as he got to within 55 miles of the English border — the closest he’s been in nine years.

His pit-stop near Cardrona Forest, Peeblesshire, came just hours after he was warned away from a farmer’s field over fears he’d get caught up in a PARTRIDGE shoot.

An onlooker said: “He certainly needed a wash after all his walking and he looked like he enjoyed it.”

Dad-of-two Gough covered 16 miles yesterday on his second day of freedom since being released from Edinburgh’s Saughton jail on Friday.

He’s trying to walk 430 miles to his home in Eastleigh, Hants, and hopes to cross the border near the village of Kershopefoot by Tuesday — without being arrested.

Yesterday Gough was asked to move by hunters after waking up on a hill near Howgate, Midlothian, where they were trying to hold a game shoot.

He then headed into busy Peebles, where he was mobbed by passers-by.

One fan did his best to fit in by MOONING as Gough posed for a photo.

A group of road workers cracked up as they took a snap, while drivers tooted support.

And Gough gave £2 to busker Robert King after he played him a tune.

Robert, 22, of Tain, Easter Ross, said: “I think he’s great. He shows there’s nothing taboo about the body.” Hugh Keerns, 65, of Greenock, who stopped to take a pic, added: “He’s entitled to do what he’s doing.”

Tension grew as two Lothian and Borders police cars approached — but they drove on by and Gough left town.

He took a break in a bus shelter, before settling down for the night in the forest.

Gough tucked into haggis, neeps and tatties given to him by pal George Cavanagh, 53, who joined him on his walk.

And the ex-Marine, who has spent much of the last six years in jail, also enjoyed a beer. He beamed: “It’s my first in 6½ years — it’s delicious.”

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