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Day One – The  Road to Auchendinny


Published: 06th October 2012

NAKED Rambler Stephen Gough strolls starkers down a city street yesterday after his latest release from prison.

Dad-of-two Gough, 56, treated early morning drivers to an eye-popping sight as he strode away from Edinburgh’s Saughton nick just after 6am.

He headed for the hills in a bid to continue his 430-mile trek home over the windswept peaks of the nearby Pentlands.

But, despite the autumn chill, he insisted: “I’m more determined than ever to stay naked.”

Gough, from Eastleigh, Hants, had left prison wearing just his boots and rucksack — and pushing a milk trolley full of his possessions.

He walked through the capital’s tough Sighthill and Wester Hailes neighbourhoods, then on to Colinton and the A720 city bypass.

Onlookers smiled and laughed, while commuters tooted horns.

He reached the foot of the Pentlands just after 11am — and bizarrely put his clothes ON to take a break.

The oddball was joined on the hike by a documentary film crew and pal John Hamilton, 59.

Retired civil servant John. from Edinburgh, said: “The Scottish legal system is being intolerant.”

Gough has 18 convictions relating to his nudity and spent much of the last six years in jail. But he said: “I would quite like to walk for a bit now. I’m going south.”

The nude-again walker pressed on through the hills, only stopping to look back over the capital.

In Auchendinny, Midlothian, he paused for snaps with welcoming road workers.

Tam Phee, 45, of Motherwell, said: “There’s nothing wrong with him.”

Last night Lothian and Borders Police said it will deal with any complaint “proportionately”.

For the full published article see this link in The Scottish Sun or click here for Day Two - The Road to Peebles