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Day Four –  The Road to St Boswells


Published: 09th October 2012

NAKED Rambler Stephen Gough has spoken to his kids for the first time in almost SEVEN YEARS.

Gough, 56, was last night within touching distance of the English Border in his latest bid to walk home nude.

And the clobberless campaigner called Yarin, 14, and 16-year-old Kiana, on Sunday as he edges toward an emotional reunion. He said: “It was good to speak to them. They certainly sound older. I was telling them I was sat round the fire under the stars.

“I’m not sure what they think of what I’m doing but if I was their age I’d want to join me.”

But any meeting could be scuppered — unless the ex-marine is fully-clothed.

Last month his children’s mum Alison Ward, 47, said: “I would love Steve to have a relationship with his kids. But if he’s not willing to put some clothes on, there will be no contact.”

Gough is four days into his epic 430mile trek back to Eastleigh, Hants. He has done 60 miles since leaving Edinburgh’s tough Saughton nick on Friday.

At his forest camp last night, he said: “It’s close. The police seem to be turning a blind eye.”

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