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Naked Rambler Organisation

The Rambler Scrambler was a contraption that was first created for Stephen Gough inside Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison to shield his naked body from the view of the other prisoners whilst he was using the exercise yard by himself. Other later prisons holding Stephen Gough quickly followed suit but had to make do with nothing more than an improvised hospital bed screen on wheels in some cases.

“When he exercised outdoors in Edinburgh prison, he was shielded from the overlooking windows by a wooden frame known as the Rambler Scrambler.”

Source; National Post

THE Naked Rambler became the naked scrambler yesterday as he staged a protest at a Scots jail.

Eccentric ex-Royal Marine Stephen Gough shimmied up a 20ft pole at Saughton Prison in Edinburgh after a fall-out with wardens.

He snapped after being ordered to wear his prison issue jogging pants and top.

Gough, 46, carried a sign, defiantly saying: “No shame – I am human”, as he took up the position at the top of the pole.”

Source; The Free Library

The general nonsense pages where anything goes. As Stephen Gough’s activities have been so varied,  then so are ours. These Rambler Scrambler pages will reflect the weird and wonderful that can’t be  categorised anywhere else.