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The Naked Rambler…the real life AND Second Life versions. -  Sunday 3 January 2016

Naked Rambler crops up in Northern Irish TV show Radio Face -  Monday 4 January 2016

Naked Rambler crops up in Northern Ireland TV Show Radio Face

“BBC executives and Stephen Nolan are bracing themselves for controversy as the busiest showman in the country prepares to air his newest TV programme Radio Face, which features a number of feisty contributors who are sure to divide opinion among viewers.”

"There are lighter moments in Radio Face, however, especially when Nolan brings up the subject of the self-styled Naked Rambler Stephen Gough, who has been jailed repeatedly for baring all on his travels. "Where is that jail? And I'll go there myself and join him," says Carmel, who later adds: "That would do me the world of good. I would be smiling from morning 'til night."

“Ex-hairdresser Anne Marie says: "There's a time and a place for willies. And that isn't the time or the place."

“But then she suggests that she, Marie and Nolan should go to Newcastle and strip naked and lie on the sand like beached whales "and Greenpeace will come for the three of us."

“On a serious note, Nolan is uncertain how Radio Face will go down with viewers. But he said he had high hopes for the show.”

“He added that he'd never had as good a feeling about a project as Radio Face, though he admitted he was expecting what he called "the usual commentary about the BBC dumbing down."

Radio Face is a five part series beginning on BBC One Northern Ireland on Wednesday, 6 January at 10.35pm. Click here for BBC iPlayer.

The Naked Rambler… the real life AND Second Life versions

“Stephen Gough. He divides opinion in the naturist community, with some saying that he is the vanguard of those who seek to make nudity a legitimate form of public ‘dress’, while others claim he sets the naturist movement back several years and is seen as ‘a bit of a nutter’. Either way, it can’t be right that he keeps getting locked up, and I’d hazard a guess that there must be a more sensible solution than the current one of returning him to prison. He’s not in the news at the moment, but ’inspired’ by Stephen Gough, avatar Jimmy has decided to become Second Life’s own Naked Rambler. Wearing hiking boots, a hat, a backpack and nothing else, Jimmy has embarked on a year long (!) trek around the sims of Second Life naked.”

“In Second Life, there is a similar situation wherein we are asked to dress in a ‘no nudity’ sim, as if the naked body is something to be afraid of. It’s not. It’s natural. It seems we carry our fears and learned ‘taboos’ from real life into Second Life.”

“Bloggers insist on ‘no naughty bits’ in photos while offering clothes that accentuate female sexuality. Low cleavage, high cut panties. Skin designers self-censor their products in their own freakin’ stores! Nipples and the crotch areas usually blacked out. It’s madness.”

“And so in a one-man support for Stephen Gough, and the hope that I can walk the sims of Second Life without challenge, I’ve set off on a year-long trek around the world we inhabit, and I’ll be blogging reactions to my nudity, taking photos on my travels and recording the sometimes idiotic and hypocritical stance taken by many avatars who bring their own real life hang ups into the game.”

For the full blog, see here. (Contains Nudity)

Jimmy’s Naked Rambler Avatar

As he says in a notecard for anyone who challenges him :- Jimmy’s avatar asks fellow players to read the story about the UK’s Naked Rambler, Stephen Gough, locked up continually for choosing not to wear clothes.

Naked Rambler release put on hold -  Friday 8 January 2016

Long awaited Naked Rambler release put on hold - Watch this space!

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough’s release has been put on hold until further notice sources said today.

The story so far… and a warning from Regina v Stephen Peter Gough (31 July 2013)

“The applicant's culpability here was very high because it was a deliberate breach committed very soon after the order was made. As for harm, the guideline acknowledges at paragraph 12 that breach of an order of the court can itself undermine public confidence in the effective administration of justice, and that is part at least of the harm caused by an offence of breaching an ASBO such as this.”

“We would add only this. The magistrates' court dealing with the full hearing of the application for the ASBO on 13th August will need to be mindful of the potential danger, identified in the authorities to which we have referred, that the making of an ASBO in wide terms must not be used as a device to circumvent maximum penalties which are thought to be too modest or to criminalise conduct that may not truly constitute a matter of real social concern of a type that the legislation was designed to address. It would be a disturbing consequence of an order, if it is made in terms that are too wide, that a man such as this applicant might spend his life in and out of prison for what may be seen as increasingly serious failures to comply with orders of the court.”

Naked Rambler in the News -  Tuesday 12 January 2016

Irish Talk Show host Stephen Nolan gives Naked Rambler platform in his first hit TV comedy Episode.

Radio Face star Carmel Polland was making no apologies for voicing her outspoken opinions on the new Northern Ireland TV Talk Show series.

Carmel, who provided a light-hearted moment during the show with her candid views on the naked rambler, was still laughing last night as she talked about her TV debut, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

"I've always been the type to give my opinion. If I hear something I don't like on his show I would always ring in and tell him." Carmel was shown in her kitchen giving her views on what she thought of naked rambler Stephen Gough's seven-year jail sentence for hiking in the buff.

She had viewers in stitches with her forthright reply: "Stephen, I'm a woman of the world. I've seen bits before - large bits, small bits, medium bits, round-the-corner bits, all sorts of bits." She then asked the presenter: "Now, what about your bits, Stephen?"

Footage from the Naked Rambler BBC documentary produced by Oblong Films originally shown on BBC Two on Wednesday 5 February 2014 featured on Episode One of Radio Face. Excerpts of Stephen Gough walking naked through towns and along streets and country roads were pixelated out around the sensitive groin area to hide his modesty for the Northern Irish viewers although the naked rambler’s pert buttocks were still broadcast neatly on display for the full comedic effect. Marks out of ten? SEVEN!!!

Click on Radio Face to view Episode One. Naked Rambler featured from 12:18 to 13:30

Naked Rambler released today -  Friday 15 January 2016

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough inside Perth Prison March 2012 © Copyright Image  Murdo MacLeod 2012 The Madness of Stephen Gough

  Naked Rambler Stephen Gough inside Perth Prison 2012 © Copyright Image March 2012 Murdo MacLeod

Is the Naked Rambler a Martyr or a Madman?

by Jonathan Brocklebank

Reproduced by kind permission from an article on Saturday, August 8, 2015 in The Scottish Daily Mail.

See here for the full story from our Rambler News Archives

He’s served the equivalent of 18 years in jail on a matter of principle. As he prepares for yet another showdown with the law…

Is the



a martyr

or a madman?

Friday 15th January 2016

Desperately Seeking Stephen (2016)

What shall we do with the Naked Rambler?

Stephen Gough set free again!

He’s Out… They’re off!

AT THE start of another new year it’s a familiar headline as Stephen Gough, the Naked Rambler, is set free from prison once more and after enjoying a short taste of freedom in Hampshire, Mr Gough is destined to be picked up again and returned from whence he came. HMP Winchester!

In a letter to a supporter, Mr Gough explained; “I’m due out on the 16th of January 2016. That being the weekend means it will go ahead on the Friday (15th)”

Continuing his dialogue Gough wrote; “I’ve written the words ‘unable to see the wood for the trees’ on my walls.  Why? I just feel it is another way of looking at what I am up against. … it is just where people are at, and I am inviting them to step back and take another look. It’s like, once you realise that every human being is either your brother or your sister, how can you ever do them any wrong? Yet that is the truth. And all the small-mindedness that a person may have harboured in their thinking towards a stranger is cancelled out in an instant once the blinkers are discarded. What I am trying to communicate through what I am doing, is that bigger picture - it’s the only way we can be free.

In the letter dated Friday, 8th January, 2016 Mr Gough mentioned “Cul Na Croise Bay” on the Ardnamurchan peninsula saying: “Cul Na Croise Bay? No, I won’t be applying. Sounds good though.” This was in reference to an advert Mr Gough had read in the Glasgow Herald about the new Keo Films produced Channel 4 reality show called “Eden”, involving 24 strangers setting out to build a new community in the Western Islands of Scotland.

In an email from Keo Films on 7th January to Rambler News, a spokesperson said; “Unfortunately anyone involved [in Eden] has to be available from the start of filming for the full 12 months”. Mr Gough had pondered a walk on part.

One of a succession of beautiful beaches that line Cul na Croise Bay on Scotland's Ardnamurchan peninsula. © Copyright Julian Hodgson - Taken on June 11, 2011 Cul na Croise Bay - Scotland

Naked Rambler Free  -  Friday 15 January 2016

A report appeared today on Stephen Gough’s Facebook supporters group page.

Latest news...

Stephen got out around 10:30am. There were 3 people to greet him.

He did an interview with Stephen Słomiński later in the day. This should be up on a (sorry, didn't catch which one) web site in a few days if editing goes to plan. He attended his initial parole hearing in the afternoon. So is now clear till the 21st. He has a warm bed for the foreseeable future.”

More Rambler news to follow later……

Click Here. BBC News. How the Scottish authorities finally dealt with the Naked Rambler in the year 2012 with 975 comments from members of the public. “"The state needs to keep a sense of proportion because the harm he is causing is more offence and annoyance than damage to people and society. This could carry on until he is too ill to put on clothes. And that does not strike me as a sensible approach on behalf of the state." John Scott QC, convenor of the Howard League for Penal Reform in Scotland.

Word for the Day - “Non-duality”

Stephen Gough - Freed from Winchester Prison - Friday, 15th January, 2016 ©  Copyright David Gilbert

The Naked Rambler after his release from HMP Winchester on Friday, 15 January, 2016.              The Parable of Stephen Gough - Cherry Blossom

Naked Rambler on Camera -  Sunday 17 January 2016

An Audience with Stephen Gough

Stephen Gough, the naked rambler, has been released from prison after a judge decided he could go free despite having been found guilty of breaching an ASBO while out on license. With no police officers in sight outside the prison, he was driven away by supporters to a countryside location where Eastleigh reporter Stephen Słomiński asked him what he thought of the judge’s decision. Gough replied in a jovial mood: “I feel that he did stick his neck out, you know, so I have a warm feeling towards him. And yet, I want everything. I want to be able to stand in front of a jury naked, and for him to have allowed that, and gone against the High Court, the Appeal Court decision, would have been him really sticking his neck out as far as he could go and maybe getting it chopped off. So I was asking a lot, but I am asking a lot , you know? What I’m doing is asking a lot of people. It’s for people to really open their minds in a big way, for a lot of people. And I understand it’s asking a lot but that’s what we need to do in order to have a free society. We need to really stretch ourselves. That’s what it’s about, stretching ourselves. To be free - you need to stretch, to be tolerant - you need to stretch yourself. I understand it’s difficult. I understand it asks people to come out of their, you know, comfort zones and that, but you know, that’s what life’s about isn’t it? Stretching! Expanding! And that’s what it is to be alive”.

Naked Rambler in the Frame

The Naked Rambler being interviewed at Farley Mount Country Park outside Winchester by the reporter Stephen Słomiński from the Eastleigh News.

He may be free for now,” warns Słomiński, “but the ASBO is still in force and it remains to be seen what will happen the next time the naked rambler decides to hit the road”.

For live updates on how the Naked Rambler struggles to come to terms with being out and about in Hampshire this week, see the Facebook supporters group page here

Stephen Slominski reports for Winchester News Online - Wednesday 20 January 2016

Outside HMP Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester

“As the cold weather forces people to put on extra layers, one person notorious for his lack of clothes is Stephen Gough, otherwise known as the Naked Rambler. Having served stints in prison for over ten years, including spending time in solitary confinement, a judge has now said Gough has served enough time in prison for breaking the terms of an ASBO. Stephen Slominski was there to see him come out.” (Victoria Wang - Winchester News Online)

For the full transcript of Stephen Slominski’s interview see Here

What would former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher say? Click Here

The Problem with Nakedness - Sunday 1 May 2016

The Problem with Nakedness - by Philip Carr-Gomm

The Long Man of Wilmington

The reason some people get so upset about nakedness is, of course, because we get to see the genitals. This makes it a fraught subject and the two functions of this part of the body confront us very directly with what it means to be human. The Long Man of Wilmington has solved this problem by not being a Long Man at all (as is the case of the other giant chalk hill-figure in Britain, the Cerne Abbas Giant). Instead, the Wilmington giant is just an outline. He could be a Long Woman for all we know. So what better image of the human being can you find? Freed of all the problems of gender stereotyping, the figure represents us all - whatever colour or sex we happen to be. The poet W. B. Yeats put this very succinctly when he wrote 'But Love has pitched his mansion in the place of excrement.' Some people react with horror to the naked body because it reminds them that they poop and pee and they would prefer not to think about that. But in addition it reminds them of where they came from - where they emerged from as babies - and again that is an uncomfortable feeling for some people. It's all so very - well -physical!  As if these two thoughts, about decaying and unhygienic matter and our own frailty and embodiedness, were not enough, the gods have added yet another set of associations to this small part of the body: the often ambivalent feelings we can have towards sexual desire. It may have brought us great pleasure, but it may well have also brought us much pain - and even physical or psychological illness. All we have to do is think about the problems of rape, sexual abuse, STDs and AIDS, miscarriage and abortion, etc, etc, etc, to realise how very charged this seemingly innocuous little part of ourselves can become.

What to do? There is an old adage that the harder the climb, the better the view. Any endeavour that is difficult brings its own special rewards, so these remarks are not designed to suggest we abandon the Naturist ideal, but quite the contrary. Psychology has taught us that hiding from what is challenging or difficult does not generally lead to improvement, and can often lead to pathology. The healthy, mature attitude is to be understanding of people's sensitivities, to respect their boundaries when this seems appropriate, but to also respect our own need for freedom of expression. If we are sufficiently well-adjusted to have considered the issues I've mentioned, and have found that on the whole we enjoy being naked and indeed seeing others naked, and that these experiences make us feel more human, more considerate, more appreciative of the richness of life, then the Naturist philosophy is quite clearly both positive and life-affirming.

Since freedom is one of the key aims in the naturist philosophy, I can't think of a better image to choose for a photo shoot with Mark Carr's upcoming Long Man of Wilmington nude project [In homage to the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough]. See Here for more information.

Philip Carr-Gomm is the author of 'A Brief History of Nakedness'

Click on image to enlarge -   From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Copyright ©  Steve Slater

The Long Man of Wilmington

Click on image to enlarge -   Copyright ©  Isobel Williams April 2016

The Naked Rambler takes the stand. See  ‘A Bard-Ass show at the Senate House Library

Copyright ©  Isobel Williams April 2016 Insight in to making news story. Original WINOL video unavailable