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About Franz Petto (In his own words)

BASED ON NOTHING, feeling the complete emptiness in my head, I struggle for every picture. It may become a present, going mad at joy... I am an artist with experience in psychiatry. The reason is complex, but mainly my family history. My father was nine years old when he was deported to an extermination camp in Gacowo. The camp was built up by Tito, a former dictator of Ex-Yugoslavia after World War II. My father and a part of his family survived, but the circumstances were terrible. More than half of the inmates died from hunger and disease, or were shot down just in the beginning. These old stories influenced my childhood and led to my vocation. After the war it was not allowed to speak about these occurrences. These camps are still to be kept secret by the government. I am an affected person, but not a revisionist. I was born in a broken world. This sharpened my sense for what is going on in this world. I just tell what happened in my life and around me, sometimes with the view of a child; sometimes with a little bit of irony, but always with hope, the world will become better in the future. I have always admired Old Masters, because of how they could handle colors. The mystery is that they understood the physics of light. But take care of yourself: Do not overeat with these saturated pictures of this world... For more information in German see also my site: PETTO.artists.de Less


1988 Class Emilio VEDOVA in Salzburg

Since 1980 also a painter, first small formats of oil paintings after studying Old Masters, but free, spontaneous brushwork

1980 College of Mechanical Engineering, worked a day job as an engineer for the Print Finishing Industry, is an inventor and has several patents

1977 General Qualification for University Entrance

1958 Born in Vienna, as the son of German-Hungarian and German-Yugoslavian refugees