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Comic Strip

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Welcome to the Naked Rambler Cartoon page. We are working on a new animated comic strip starring “Stephen the Goat” and his cartoon character animal farm family and friends. Titikaka (ex-partner), Scallybum (son) and Scallybag (daughter) and others still to be named, also make infrequent appearances in the serial strip.

The stories were inspired by both Grace Gilpin’s artwork of a naked sheep wearing a Stephen Gough backpack and also by the cartoons created by The Sun’s cartoonist “Pete” featuring the Naked Rambler. Grace has been asked to come up with six more paintings of Stephen the Goat. All scenes will be based on the real life exploits of Stephen Gough, in cartoon form, and feature him walking through towns and villages, ending up getting himself arrested, being thrown into prison, standing before a judge and jury and finally reaching stardom by appearing in his own Naked Rambler Goat TV Movie comic strip.

Some of the “Stephen the Goat” story lines that were influenced by the Naked Rambler cartoons were featured in the Scottish Press over the past few years and are shown below. We are hopeful that we can uncover more cartoon funny gems in the very near future in the years ahead.

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