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About Glen Vaudrey

Glen sent us in this short piece about how he became intrigued by the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough;

My first naked rambler painting was of course a northern school painting of Steve Gough in action. That is, walking naked with a large pack on his back past a bemused rambler.”

“I always tend to paint something different from other northern artists. I see inspiration in everyday events and it would have been a result of hearing about the naked rambler’s latest arrest that would have conjured this image. Featuring the naked rambler on the moors, it is far removed from the areas that he normally gets arrested in.”

“I first heard of the naked rambler while I was living in Stornoway, probably about the time of his first arrest in Scotland being reported.”

“As for the fate of the first painting , well it sold on eBay a while ago, I have attached a work in progress picture of it, that seems to be the only photo that I have of it.”

Glen’s creation “Don’t look it’s the Naked Rambler” was his very first painting of the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough walking on the English moors and is unfortunately not available for display at this time.

Paintings (Clockwise opposite and below)

1)The Naked Rambler at the Mountains of Madness. The inspiration behind the painting is when walking in the highlands where even in the summertime it is cold, some of the time when Stephen Gough tried walking through them, were at times, when it was going to be very cold indeed. Glen decided that if the cold wasn’t going to stop him, the only place he could walk through freely, without causing offence, would be beyond the mountains of madness. They are a fictional mountain chain in the Antarctic from the writings of H. P. Lovecraft

2) Glen’s take on the police response in Scotland is to the obvious menace of the Naked Rambler in the highlands. Here we see three policemen, batons in hand, waiting to apprehend the naked rambler as he sets off at dawn in the wilderness, while on the other side of the hedge a burglar runs off with his bag of swag, but let’s face it, he has clothes on so that isn’t a problem to the sanity of local folk.

3) The Naked Rambler and the spirit of hippie Wally Hope at Stonehenge.

4) The Naked Rambler on his day off going past the nudist beach and the perverts with binoculars.

5) The Naked Rambler at Loch Ness with the press missing out on both Nessie and the UFO. Here we see Stephen Gough the Naked Rambler, who has spent 6 years in prison for walking naked. The press gather to report the story of a naked man going for a walk in the Great Glen, behind them safe in the knowledge that no one is watching them, Nessie appears and a UFO hovers menacingly.

6) The Naked Rambler waving to Great Cthulhu as the old god gives him a big thumbs up.

7) Caithness in winter might not be the best place in the world to walk around naked but that isn’t going to stop the Naked Rambler We have the Naked Rambler walking in a bleak wintry Caithness where there is the suggestion of the lingering effects of the highland clearances in the background.

8) In Shocking Pink, we see the Naked Rambler going past a very pink cottage. Based on a house Glen used to walk past in Stornoway. It wasn't pink then but the design is correct for that particular dwelling.

9) In Naked Wisdom, we see recurring favourite of  Glen’s, the hanged man from the Tarot, sometimes this hanged man is equated to Odin hanging from the tree of knowledge to gain wisdom. Perhaps the Naked Rambler shows a search of wisdom as well, once again on his way, this time passing a man looking for wisdom upside down in a tree.

10) In Before and After, our Naked Rambler finally puts on some clothes and heads home.

Glen’s other paintings can be viewed here on eBay

      At the Mountains of Madness

        Three Police Priorities Arrest

     Spirit of Wally Hope at Stonehenge

          Naked Rambler’s Day off

Naked Rambler and the Loch Ness Monster

Naked Rambler waving to Great Cthulhu

          Naked Rambler in Caithness

   Naked Rambler at the Pink House

Naked Wisdom and the Hanged Man

Naked Rambler before and after

Naked Rambler before and after