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Scottish Nudists to take leap of faith in their first public Naked Ramble

Monday 25 April 2016

Julia Horton

Published in The Times today. Scottish Edition.

“Dozens of Scotland’s nudists are preparing for a group hike on Bank Holiday Monday in spite of the threat posed by nettles, midges, rain and mixed reactions from passing dog walkers.”

“One thing they are not concerned about is having their collar felt. Stephen Gough, the so-called Naked Rambler, was arrested several times but Scottish nudists say that their half-hour wander is legal and police support their plans.”

“They intend to troop out of the front door of the Glenmorag Hotel in Dunoon wearing little more than boots, hats and smiles and in to Morag’s Fairy Glen on the Firth of Clyde.”

“They say that they will be out of sight from the road below the edge of the town and a children’s play area as they will reach the glen through the hotel grounds.”

Special Correspondent

Writing on his blog last year artist Mark Carr wrote:

“As an artist, long distance walker, but more importantly as a member of the human race, I do find it quite strange that people are ‘offended’ by the sight of a naked body in public, as there are far more horrific things to be offended by in this world than that. Steven Gough has spent the best part of nine years incarcerated at her majesties’ pleasure without even going to trial. The vindictiveness and bloody-mindedness of our supposedly ‘fair’ society in all its guises from the justice system (what justice), the police, politicians and ’do gooders’ is beyond me; and for all of you who concern themselves with the cost to the taxpayer…over £300,000. To support Mr Gough, I am hoping to create a replica of the The Long Man of Wilmington filled with naked bodies, taking homage from the work of Spencer Tunick.  I have contacted Steven and he has given his consent for the project.  The next phase is to contact Spencer Tunick and find a sympathetic landowner.”

Mark’s project is ongoing. Watch this space.

Flash Mob in May Day Appeal


Solitary Confinement -  © Copyright image 2015 Ian Beveridge October 9th 2012 - Naked Rambler Stephen Gough celebrating crossing the English border after serving six and a half years in Scottish prisons for simply appearing naked in public -   © Copyright image 2012 John Hamilton Naked Rambler Stephen Gough shares his principle on nudity - Click on picture to enlarge - © Copyright image 2012  Knut Caspari An Audience with Stephen Gough - Click on image to enlarge - © Copyright image 2015 James Arthur Allen

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New Acquisitions in 2016. The NЯO is to receive two new Naked Rambler cushions to add to our art collection. The “Naked Rambler at the Mountains of Madness” cushions are based on a painting by Glen Vaudrey and can be seen on the Arts & Crafts page soon.

Click Here for a short video. Stephen Gough uses a quotation from Edmund Burke a politician elected to Parliament by the constituents of Bristol on Thursday November 3rd 1774, to explain why, in his key note speech, the philosophy of living by one’s own judgement.

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Annual HMP Edinburgh to Upper Hindhope Naked Walk to Freedom. October the 5th 2015 was the inaugural date after Ian Beveridge, a long time Stephen Gough supporter, suggested the idea on a blogger’s page in 2014. For the full story see the Commemorative Walk

An Audience with Stephen Gough. Check out the very latest Naked Rambler interviews by supporters and journalists Here.

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“They have also promised to carry wraps, kilts and other garments to put on if they see any youngsters or if dog walkers or other members of the public seem uncomfortable.”

“It will be the first time that any of the hundred or so members of the group have left the confines of the hotel at which they hold their annual clothes-free social weekend, which began four years ago. More

The Times article was a follow-up to an earlier and more comprehensive full page piece published in the Scottish Mail on Sunday here and The Herald also went with a condensed version here.

On social media, reaction from followers of the Naked Rambler was mixed with one supporter saying, “They are walking in the inspiring footsteps of the pioneering Naked Rambler ...

Juliette Gill from BN wrote in The Herald: Stephen Gough is not a British Naturism member and does not follow our code of conduct regarding covering up. More

Click on image to enlarge -  Naked Rambler image © Copyright Maggie Read March 2016 Click on image to enlarge -  Naked Rambler image © Copyright Oblong Films August 2015 Copyright ©  Dae Sasitorn and Adrian Warren - www.lastrefuge.co.uk Click on image to enlarge -  Copyright ©  By Cupcakekid at en.wikipedia, CC BY 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3937658

The Long Man of Wilmington is a hill figure located near Wilmington, East Sussex, England, on the steep slopes of Windover Hill.