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Vicky Allan on public Nudity

Magritte, Modigliani, Facebook: Isn't it time we chilled about nudity?

Click Here for the bare essentials of this story from the Herald Scotland

European Court News

Gough plays waiting game in Euro ASBO Challenge

Click Here for the full ASBO appeal text

A Night with the Naked Rambler

Scottish Journalist Peter Ross publishes his second book of short stories including a chapter on Stephen Gough’s release from prison in 2012  Click Here for preview

The Naked Rambler, the naked barrister and the naked artist

Isobel Williams draws in the public seats of the UK Supreme Court, with the court’s permission, and records her impressions on her blog page at isobelwilliams.blogspot.com. In 2015 Isobel travelled to Winchester Crown Court on two separate occasions to cover Stephen Gough’s appearances before Judge Keith Cutler CBE, after the Naked Rambler had breached his ASBO conditions that resulted in his subsequent arrest and imprisonment. Unlike the Supreme Court, there are many restrictions on reporting upon events in Crown courtrooms in England and Wales including a ban on sketching. Court artists therefore have to use their memories and Isobel records her frustration in this article ‘Drawing The Line’. Earlier that year, Isobel had the chance to do some life drawings of the Naked Rambler after he was released from prison and caught up with him in a safe house somewhere in Winchester. Her story and record of that event can be viewed on her blog The Naked Rambler and raw Clare.  


Solitary Confinement -  © Copyright image 2015 Ian Beveridge October 9th 2012 - Naked Rambler Stephen Gough celebrating crossing the English border after serving six and a half years in Scottish prisons for simply appearing naked in public -   © Copyright image 2012 John Hamilton Naked Rambler Stephen Gough shares his principle on nudity - Click on picture to enlarge - © Copyright image 2012  Knut Caspari An Audience with Stephen Gough - Click on image to enlarge - © Copyright image 2015 James Arthur Allen

We are always on the lookout for new talent. Be it artists, animators, cartoonists, film producers, journalists, performers, photographers or writers. We can showcase your work on here for free.

For more details please contact us at : info@nakedrambler.org

New Acquisitions in 2016. The NЯO received two new Naked Rambler cushions to add to our art collection. The “Naked Rambler at the Mountains of Madness” cushions are based on a painting by Glen Vaudrey and can be viewed on the Arts & Crafts page soon.

Click Here for a short video. Stephen Gough uses a quotation from Edmund Burke a politician elected to Parliament by the constituents of Bristol on Thursday November 3rd 1774, to explain why, in his key note speech, the philosophy of living by one’s own judgement.



Annual HMP Edinburgh to Upper Hindhope Naked Walk to Freedom. October the 5th 2015 was the inaugural date after Ian Beveridge, a long time Stephen Gough supporter, suggested the idea on a blogger’s page in 2014. For the full story see the Commemorative Walk

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Click on the image for the full Daily Mail report on The Naked Rambler as you've never seen him before - wearing CLOTHES! Nude campaigner quits his bizarre crusade so he can take his sick mother for walks.  Copyright Image © Solent News and Photo Agency 2016 Naked Rambler Stephen Gough Scattee Advertisement Stand out from the crowd

Stephen Gough explains his principle on freedom and naked rambling in an interview with Stephen Slominski for Winchester News Online here

Stand out from the crowd and define yourself with clothing for the connoisseur - Click on image for Scattee.com website - New styles  now in stock

Stephen Gough at home in Eastleigh. Hampshire Chronicle article on covering up to look after sick mother after prison release. Full report here

Last Updated  Sunday 8 September 2019 Naked Rambler Art Click picture for Amazon  link to 'The Passion of Harry Bingo' by Peter Ross. 'A Night with the Naked Rambler' is in Chapter 3 of the book. Amazon Advertisement The Passion of Harry Bingo

The Nude Uncovered

Mary Beard in Lion Television showing

Classicist and English scholar Mary Beard has been commissioned to produce a two part TV programme for BBC2 called ‘The Nude Uncovered’. “The documentary (2 x 60 minutes) will follow Mary Beard as she looks at the history and politics of the naked human body in art while speaking with contemporary artists and image-makers to question enduring attitudes on nudity and nakedness. ‘The Nude Uncovered’ is being produced by UK-based Lion Television and its executive producer is Denys Blakeway. It was commissioned for the BBC by director of arts Jonty Claypole“ writes Frederick Blichert on realscreen.com.

Since beginning his first Naked Walk from Lands End to John o’ Groats in 2003, the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has continued with his one-man campaign to raise awareness of nudity in public spaces by challenging the long held beliefs and prejudices of British society against the naked human body, sometimes at great cost to himself, his family and his own personal freedom.

Naked Rambler sculpture by Sally Hacket - Click on image to enlarge Naked Rambler Stephen Gough - Oil painting by Northern Artist Glen Vaudrey - Click image to enlarge Naked Rambler oil painting by English artist Maggie Read - Click on image to enlarge

With Mary Beard’s ‘Nude Uncovered’ in mind, we take a look back at some of the artists and photographers who became inspired enough to take up Stephen Gough’s cause to paint, sculpt, draw and record the Naked Rambler’s unique form. Surrey based artist Maggie Read was quick off the mark with her side profile view painting of Stephen Gough (left). Maggie says: “I was very pleased with this painting myself and think that Steve has striking features - a joy for the portrait painter! The Naked Rambler is painted in water-mixable oils. It was created [as a derivative] from more than one public photograph and done as a demonstration for my portrait class a few years back.”

Celebrating the bare-faced cheek of public nakedness, from streakers to nudists, and reinterpreting the traditional nude sculpture along the way, Dundee illustration graduate Sally Hackett has certainly achieved in the originality stakes. From Michael O’Brien (the Australian who is regarded as the first major sporting event streaker, having invaded the pitch during an England v France Rugby Union match at Twickenham, 20th April 1974) to Erica Roe, the “most famous” of all streakers, Sally Hackett’s ceramic depictions of well-known exhibitionists are fascinating, witty and charming – but it is her portrayals of euphoric nudism (Naked Rambler pictured right) that really evoke a surprisingly liberating response.