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The Times

Naked Rambler takes fight to Europe

Times report on ASBO appeal

    European Court News

Gough in ASBO Brexit Challenge

Full ASBO appeal text

Das Nackte Leben

Is it a Crime to be Naked?

German article by Johannes Waechter

Legal Hackette Lunches with the Naked Rambler

by Catherine Baksi

Legal Journalism Award Winner 2016

“Over a picnic of roasted potatoes and mixed nuts on top of Winchester’s St Catherine’s Hill, the man dubbed the ‘Naked Rambler’ shares his thoughts on the burkini ban and the ‘mixed up’ nature of the law, and explains why he chose to spend years in jail to defend his right to go about in the buff.

I meet Stephen Gough at the top of a hill over- looking Winchester prison, one of the jails in which he was incarcerated due to his desire not to wear clothes in public. Gough has cycled to the meeting point, which he selected. He is clothed in black lycra cycling shorts and an orange T-shirt — the latter of which quickly comes off due to the heat. After spending more than 10 years in prison because of his wish not to wear clothes, the 57-year-old former Marine has taken to dressing in order to be able to be a fulltime carer for his mother, who suffers from dementia. As debate rages about whether Muslim women should be permitted to cover their entire bodies

Monday 15 August 2016

A CHEEKY tourist posed naked on top of a massive artwork rigged up on the highest mountain in England and Wales.

The brave lad posed starkers standing on the 13ft high mirror installation in the Snowdonia mountains.

The artwork of four giant letters spelling out "EPIC" was put up a tourist board just hours earlier.

Visitors to the valley of Pen y Gwryd, Snowdonia, in North Wales were encouraged to pose in front of the art project and share their pictures on social media using the hashtag #FindYourEpic.

But it wasn't long until pranksters began to share their own ideas of what was 'epic', including the nude rambler who held his arms aloft as if embracing the countryside. The sign is part of Visit Wales' 'Year of Adventure' campaign to encourage tourists to take part in outdoor activities in the Welsh countryside.

Naked Snowdon Rambler Strips


Solitary Confinement -  © Copyright image 2015 Ian Beveridge October 9th 2012 - Naked Rambler Stephen Gough celebrating crossing the English border after serving six and a half years in Scottish prisons for simply appearing naked in public -   © Copyright image 2012 John Hamilton Naked Rambler Stephen Gough shares his principle on nudity - Click on picture to enlarge - © Copyright image 2012  Knut Caspari An Audience with Stephen Gough - Click on image to enlarge - © Copyright image 2015 James Arthur Allen

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Click Here for a short video. Stephen Gough uses a quotation from Edmund Burke a politician elected to Parliament by the constituents of Bristol on Thursday November 3rd 1774, to explain why, in his key note speech, the philosophy of living by one’s own judgement.

Welcome The Puff


Annual HMP Edinburgh to Upper Hindhope Naked Walk to Freedom. October the 5th 2015 was the inaugural date after Ian Beveridge, a long time Stephen Gough supporter, suggested the idea on a blogger’s page in 2014. For the full story see the Commemorative Walk

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Advertisement -  Do you Vape? Click on the image for website at www.cigvape.co.uk Advertisement Click on the image for the full Scottish Sun report on the new Naked Rambler European Court of Human Rights appeal - Copyright Image © The Scottish Sun 2016 Copyright © Chris - Via Twitter April 2016 A cheeky naked rambler poses for art at Snowdonia's EPIC sign

when on the beach – a right which our hero ardently supports — Gough has found himself in trouble with the law for wearing too little. Having left the marines, started a family and lived for while on a commune in Canada, he began going about naked, he explains, after he ‘started to question things’. ‘If your mind is a bit curious you start questioning things. Why do people shake hands — what do we do that for? Why do we use phrases like “raining cats and dogs” or “what are you up to”? When you start to take a more objective look at life, you start questioning things’. Out of curiosity he went to a nudist beach. ‘All the people with different shaped bodies – they didn’t seem particularly self-conscious. I thought this is great – why aren’t we like this all the time?’ Pushing the boundaries, he went nude on a beach that was not for naturists. ‘No one seemed to say anything, but when I went into the water, a guy came up to me and growled “pervert” under his breath.’ But, he stresses, there is nothing perverted, or even sexual, in his wish to wear only his birthday suit. ‘It’s a deep thing. It’s not really about nakedness.’

It’s about the innocence that we are. It’s a celebration of what I am and what we are.’ ‘It’s not really about the body. It’s an expression of what I am as a human being – it’s innocent and good. If what I am in a deep sense is good then what I am externally is good too’. People in general, he suggests are confused about the portrayal of the human body. A healthy relationship with your body, he suggests, is ‘indifference’. ‘People who strut their bodies about have a twisted mentality – they’re identifying their body as being who they are.’

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Stephen Gough explains his principle on freedom and naked rambling in an interview with Stephen Slominski for Winchester News Online here

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Let me roam nude! Naked Rambler takes fight to European Court of Human Rights The Scottish Sun first with the news. Full report here

A long time ago a girl said to me “I like you cos of your body”. I was insulted by that – that’s not who I am. She missed who I was. I’m not about my body.’ Those who suggest that wearing clothes has something to do with preserving modesty or decency, he says, have missed the point and misunderstand the meaning of the terms. ‘The context in which people use the term immodesty has got mixed up. It’s not related to what I’m doing, but the attitude in which they are doing it.’

For the full article please click here to continue.

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough in Perth Prison during an interview with Neil Forsyth for The Guardian.                                                         © Copyright Murdo MacLeod 2012 Image: Naked Rambler Stephen Gough  in Perth Prison during an interview for The Guardian in March 2012 © Copyright Murdo MacLeod 2012 Thursday 1 Sept 2016