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“Un traguardo non è tale, senza cari con cui condividerlo”

by Barbara Rummo

1 November 2016

Last March we wrote here about the Italian student Barbara Rummo who asked for permission to have an interview with Stephen Gough for her final year project. Barbara lives in Florence, Italy, which is the home of Machiavelli - the founder of modern political science.

Barbara’s Interview:

BR. “You have chosen to be naked in public in order to give expression to your opinion as to the inoffensive nature of the human body. How did it start?”

SG. “When I came to the realisation that what I am fundamentally - and thus my body is an expression of - is not offensive.”

BR. “Why, even if in full knowledge of the consequences, have you continued with your conduct?”

SG. “The consequences, ie, the future, has never been known to me.”

BR. “Do you think that public nudity can be considered a crime of breach of the peace within the meaning of Smith v. Donnelly? Why?” >>>

SG. “Freedom can be expressed in many ways. I would not be free if I constricted its expression by trying to predict how it will look like in future. So, I do not know whether I will be naked in public at a future date. I have thought about being naked in other countries, but so far it hasn't gone beyond thought.”

BR. “Thank you for your time. Finally, what would you add to promote the right to go naked in public?”

SG. “We already have ' the right to go naked in public'; and that people are being unjustly harassed by the authorities shows that laws are no barrier to prejudice when it exists in those who have the responsibility to interpret and enact those laws . The only antidote to close mindedness is to see that it doesn't work for anybody, ever. What would I do to promote the right to go naked? Learn and teach your children to ask the difficult questions.”

End of Stephen Gough interview with Barbara Rummo which was relayed to him on 1 October 2016. Barbara Rummo’s thesis, in the original Italian, (and the English interview) on the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough is available in full upon request by emailing; info@nakedrambler.org or by clicking here


Solitary Confinement -  © Copyright image 2015 Ian Beveridge October 9th 2012 - Naked Rambler Stephen Gough celebrating crossing the English border after serving six and a half years in Scottish prisons for simply appearing naked in public -   © Copyright image 2012 John Hamilton Naked Rambler Stephen Gough shares his principle on nudity - Click on picture to enlarge - © Copyright image 2012  Knut Caspari An Audience with Stephen Gough - Click on image to enlarge - © Copyright image 2015 James Arthur Allen

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Click Here for a short video. Stephen Gough uses a quotation from Edmund Burke a politician elected to Parliament by the constituents of Bristol on Thursday November 3rd 1774, to explain why, in his key note speech, the philosophy of living by one’s own judgement.

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Annual HMP Edinburgh to Upper Hindhope Naked Walk to Freedom. October the 5th 2015 was the inaugural date after Ian Beveridge, a long time Stephen Gough supporter, suggested the idea on a blogger’s page in 2014. For the full story see the Commemorative Walk

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SG. “No. If I remember correctly, Smith v Donnelly was all about causing a reasonable person fear or alarm. What reasonable person would be caused fear and alarm by innocence?”

BR. “How can the choice to go naked in public, in your opinion, be considered a right protected by article 8 and article 10 of the Convention?”

SG. “Both those rights have the protection of freedom at their heart. Is the freedom they purport to support worth having if we cannot go innocently about our lives without being arrested?”

BR. “The European Court asserted that the machinery of protection established by the Convention is subsidiary to the national systems safeguarding human rights, and talked about a wide margin of appreciation enjoyed by the Contracting States in the field of morals. How do you judge this power granted to national government?”

SG. “If national governments are persecuting innocence and the European Court finds that acceptable, then in my view the margin of appreciation has become distorted.” >>>

BR. “What are the differences in the attitude of Scotland and England towards public nudity? How do you consider the ASBO practice?”

SG. “I don't see a big difference in attitudes between Scotland and England. The same ignorance of what we fundamentally are and its expression is evident for all to see if they can open their eyes. Open mindedness is an attitude all authorities say they value, yet their words aren't matched by their actions, at least in my case. The ASBO just shows that if authorities find they do not have the power to detain -

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Stephen Gough explains his principle on freedom and naked rambling in an interview with Stephen Slominski for Winchester News Online here

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Let me roam nude! Naked Rambler takes fight to European Court of Human Rights The Scottish Sun first with the news. Full report here

- someone under existing legislation, then they'll just invent new ways. The law is always open to interpretation. Therefore it can be used by those intent on suppressing freedom as well as those wanting to support it. The arbiter of freedom can only be a free mind.”

BR. “Do you want to continue, in the future, with your appearances naked in public? Have you ever think to try in other States?”

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough on Fairlight Nudist beach near Hastings the day after his release from Winchester Prison in August 2015. © Copyright Oblong Films 2015. Click on image to enlarge. Naked Rambler Stephen Gough after his  release from  Winchester Prison in August  2015 © Copyright Oblong Films 2015 Tuesday 1 Nov 2016 Italian student Barbara Rummo on graduation day 2016. Click on image to enlarge