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 The Times report on first Public Naked Hike in Morag’s Fairy Glen

Scotland's nudists complete their first ever group naked ramble

Sunday 1 May 2016

Julia Horton

Nudists celebrate their 'greatest' milestone

Scotland's nudists celebrated their 'greatest' milestone so far as they went on their first ever group hike yesterday (Saturday) at their annual gathering in Dunoon’s idyllic Glenmorag Hotel.

Dozens of men and women, most in just boots, walked through a sunny, secluded glen on the popular west coast.

Snow on the hills led several to keep a few clothes on, including fleeces, while others opted to wear colourful cover-ups, including a grass skirt, to fit in with the Hawaiian theme of the group's latest annual weekend social.

Unlike the infamous Naked Rambler Stephen Gough, the members of the Scottish branch of British Naturism all had garments with them to put on if they saw children or any concerned adults, making their half-hour amble perfectly legal, they said.

Viewpoint Scottish Sun  “admire their cheek”

Philip Carr-Gomm

The Long Man of Wilmington

The reason some people get so upset about nakedness is, of course, because we get to see the genitals. This makes it a fraught subject and the two functions of this part of the body confront us very directly with what it means to be human. The Long Man of Wilmington has solved this problem by not being a Long Man at all (as is the other giant chalk hill-figure in Britain, the Cerne Abbas giant). Instead, the Wilmington giant is just an outline. He could be a Long Woman for all we know. So what better image of the human being can you find? Freed of all the problems of gender stereotyping, the figure represents us all - whatever colour or sex we happen to be. The poet W. B. Yeats put this very succinctly when he wrote 'But Love has pitched his mansion in the place of excrement.' Some people react with horror to the naked body because it reminds them that they poop and pee and they would prefer not to think about that. But in addition it reminds them of where they came from - where they emerged from as babies - and again that is an uncomfortable feeling for some people. It's all so very - well - physical! More

The Problem with Nakedness


Solitary Confinement -  © Copyright image 2015 Ian Beveridge October 9th 2012 - Naked Rambler Stephen Gough celebrating crossing the English border after serving six and a half years in Scottish prisons for simply appearing naked in public -   © Copyright image 2012 John Hamilton Naked Rambler Stephen Gough shares his principle on nudity - Click on picture to enlarge - © Copyright image 2012  Knut Caspari An Audience with Stephen Gough - Click on image to enlarge - © Copyright image 2015 James Arthur Allen

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Click Here for a short video. Stephen Gough uses a quotation from Edmund Burke a politician elected to Parliament by the constituents of Bristol on Thursday November 3rd 1774, to explain why, in his key note speech, the philosophy of living by one’s own judgement.

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Annual HMP Edinburgh to Upper Hindhope Naked Walk to Freedom. October the 5th 2015 was the inaugural date after Ian Beveridge, a long time Stephen Gough supporter, suggested the idea on a blogger’s page in 2014. For the full story see the Commemorative Walk

An Audience with Stephen Gough. Check out the very latest Naked Rambler interviews by supporters and journalists Here.

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They also informed local police and press beforehand and posted two of their members at the entrance to Morag’s Fairy Glen outside Dunoon on the Firth of Clyde to warn anyone who appeared about their mass walk in the altogether. Ivan Gill, 68, event organiser, said it was their "most significant achievement" following their success in reversing a council ban preventing them from holding a nude private swim at the town's public pool. That also went ahead without a hitch yesterday.

Summing up many of the naturists' mixed views of the Naked Rambler, whose refusal to don clothes led to him being jailed repeatedly during his epic protest walks throughout Scotland , Mr Gill added: "We share a belief in the right to be naked but what we have not got in common [with Stephen Gough] is a respect for the law as it stands."

The Daily Record leads with the headline:Nudists enjoy first-ever mass naked walk followed by Burns in the Buff supper at Scottish beauty spotMore

Click on image to enlarge - Copyright ©  Alan Oliver - British Naturism SANER Gathering  30 April 2016 Click on image to enlarge - Copyright ©  Alan Oliver - British Naturism SANER Gathering 30 April 2016 Click on image to enlarge -   From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Copyright ©  Steve Slater

Above: The SANER British Naturism group in Morag’s Fairy Glen and below left, a picture taken at the end of their first ever successful public group ramble on Saturday 30 April 2016

SANER Group Gathering Copyright © Alan Oliver April 2016