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Naked Rambler Organisation Defensor Libertatis Naked Rambler Stephen Gough at Pentland Hills Regional Park Naked Rambler Stephen Gough Auchendinny Camp Naked Rambler Stephen Gough on the road again Naked Rambler Stephen Gough at Yair Camp Naked Rambler Stephen Gough with the newspaper man  Kenny Angove at the English Border Naked Rambler Stephen Gough St Boswells camp fire Naked Rambler Stephen Gough Spithope Bothy Naked Rambler Stephen Gough passing through Howgate

How it all began. A trip down memory lane…

The annual HMP Edinburgh to Upper Hindhope Commemorative Naked Walk for the provisional date of October the 5th at 6:00am in the morning is in the planning stages after Ian Beveridge, a long time Stephen Gough supporter, suggested the idea on a blogger’s page in October 2014. Although the route has already been worked out, sign posting needs to be put in position and permission applied for from the various communities and councils. Blue plaques, erected at key points along the way, are being considered and thought to be a fitting tribute to the Naked Rambler’s considerable efforts in making a break for freedom from the Scottish authorities.

Naked Ramble – Walk to Freedom 2015

“Strawberries and cream is a pretty healthy option. We are in a degenerate society where over 50% of people get cancer. Most people die from heart disease. About 30% suffer from obesity and 11% from diabetes. Yet rather than putting energy into dealing with this utterly ridiculous situation it seems more important to permanently protect society from one perfectly harmless man – who is actually doing something in the right direction. Perhaps the corporations, pharmaceutics and medical people who have led society to this horrible situation should be the ones locked up.

Stephen Gough’s naked walk out of Scotland over the hills in the autumn cold and frost is a salutary lesson to everyone. Enveloping the body in constant warmth and feeding on rich carbohydrates all year round is the actual cause of all of the physical issues mentioned in the first paragraph. (My usual criticism is of the incredible stupidity of lawyers but doctors are not far behind on my list.)

I think the best thing that could be done for Stephen is to organise an annual naked walk from Edinburgh – in the autumn – to commemorate his “Walk to Freedom” out of Scotland. This would have the merit of showing that it’s not just a moral issue – it’s a fundamental health issue necessary for survival. Stephen was actually engaging in an amazing health experiment that went completely over the heads of almost everyone. Our optimum metabolic processes are actually governed by temperature (not circadian cycles) and the body’s ability to adapt to the cold. Over 90% of life on earth is “cold adapted”.

Ian Beveridge reporting.

The Scottish Sun was the only newspaper to follow the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough on the whole distance of his “Naked Walk to Freedom” over the five consecutive days in October 2012. Here, The Scottish Sun charts each day as it happens in these links below. Click on the images for The Scottish Sun’s reports.

(Warning! Some links may contain scenes of a partially offensive nature – to some people – and pictures of pixilated nudity)

Commemorative Walk to Freedom Route NR72 Timeline Click on the image for timeline

Naked Rambler Immortalised in Scud Trek Coins

The Naked Rambler’s image is to be immortalised in a commemorative coin celebrating Stephen Gough’s 5 day naked trek out of Scotland in October 2012. Organisers of the new 2015 event commemorating the nude walk are to commission Birmingham medal makers Thomas Fattorini to produce a limited edition of 240 “Scud Coins” as they are being nicknamed. See WINOL video opposite for report.

Event coordinator George Cavanagh, 56, said, “The original name we came up with for the medals was ‘Modesty Coins’ as they have a fig leaf and python on one side while on the reverse, there is an image of the Naked Rambler in full swing; but, a colleague on the design team came up with the comic moniker, ‘Scud Coins’ and so the name eventually stuck with us. ‘Scud’ or ‘In the Scuddy’ being the Scottish colloquial term for ‘ Being Naked’. Negotiations with Thomas Fattorini Ltd are well under way now and we hope to have the coins in our hands before the October deadline. Busy schedules permitting of course”.

Commemorative Naked Rambler Coin Competition

The Naked Rambler Organisation is offering 10 lucky readers the chance to win their very own mint condition ‘Commemorative Coin’ in our exclusive Naked Rambler Coin Competition. For a chance to win and be entered into our forthcoming October 2015 draw, all that the participants need to do is complete this very simple question below correctly and send in their answers to the competition email: coincompetition@nakedrambler.org. There are ten golden coins up for grabs. Only one entry per household please. The draw for the coins will be made after the Commemorative Walk in October 2015 and will be open to all members of the public to enter between the dates of October 1st to October 9th inclusive this year.

Coin Competition Question: What is the Naked Rambler’s full name? Is it…

A) Stephen Van Gough.

B) Stephen Darren Gough.

C) Stephen Peter Gough.

D) Stephen Foggo Gough.

Naked Rambler Commemorative Walk to Freedom Reverse side Scud Coin Naked Rambler Commemorative Walk to Freedom Obverse side Scud Coin

The East Corridor “Commemorative Naked Walk to Freedom” trek in honour of Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has been christened Route NR72. 72 miles of road, track and field to showcase the scenic route from Edinburgh to Upper Hindhope with a Bucket List of 72 things to do before you reach the English Border. At a leisurely pace of just 14.4 miles per day on foot for 5 days, the venture is the brainchild of the Naked Rambler Organisation (NЯO). The route will link Saughton Prison and the Pentland Hills Regional Park and celebrate haggis, neeps and tatties with ample supplies of alcoholic beverages, sleep in a tent, handouts from locals, photo opportunities, irate farmers and the finer attractions of the nether regions in Peebles and the Scottish borders. See a similar route idea planned here for the North Coast of Scotland by Prince Charles and the NHI.

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough on Route NR72 Commemorative Naked Walk renamed Route NR72 Naked Rambler Stephen Gough on Route NR72 passing through the sleepy village of Howgate.

March 2015: Winchester News Online report on Naked Rambler Commemorative Coin

Stephen Gough, popularly known as the Naked Rambler, walked the length of Britain twice. Naked. Inspiring some, while outraging others. Stephen found himself stuck in a legal cycle where the authorities just didn't know how to handle him. The Commemorative Naked Walk in 2015 from Edinburgh Prison to the English Border in Northumberland celebrates just a small portion of that epic journey. Walking 5 days in October 2012, completely naked, except for a pair of brown boots, socks, a floppy green hat and a large military style backpack, Stephen Gough finally managed to wrangled himself free from Scotland. This re-enactment of Stephen Gough’s remarkable achievement begins on Monday October 5 at 6:00am.

Flyer: Co-ordinator George Cavanagh with Naked Rambler Stephen Gough on Route NR72 at Auchendinny Base Camp