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This new Arts & Crafts page is being introduced to showcase some of the work of designers and artists from around the world. It promises to be a mouth-watering exhibition of raw talent based on the Naked Rambler’s true life exploits of roaming around naked, up and down the British countryside, usually on his own but sometimes with the help of others who have chosen to support him in his cause.

Arts & Crafts

Coming Soon - Naked Rambler cushions created by Fine Cell Work and crafted from the Naked Rambler at the Mountains of Madness. An oil on Canvas. 12in by 9in. From GLEN VAUDREY. CRYPTOZOOLOGY SERIES DECEMBER 2014

The NЯO Art Collection

Naked Rambler verses Police Priorities. Oil on Canvas. 12in by 9in. From GLEN VAUDREY. CRYPTOZOOLOGY SERIES DECEMBER 2014

New Acquisitions

Naked Rambler at Stonehenge in the Shadow of Wally Hope. Oil on Canvas. 12in by 9in. From GLEN VAUDREY. CRYPTOZOOLOGY SERIES DECEMBER 2014

Naked Rambler’s Day Off outside Nudist Beach. Oil on Canvas. 12in by 9in. From GLEN VAUDREY. CRYPTOZOOLOGY SERIES DECEMBER 2014

Franz Petto Naomi Wilkinson Glen Vaudrey Louise Simpson

Sally Hackett is an illustrator with a naturist-themed portfolio. Drawing, painting and sculpture are all explored in Sally’s amusingly unconventional style. We like her brazen attitude towards topics such as streaker Erica Roe and naked rambler Stephen Gough. Sally graduated with a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Illustration in 2012. She is available for commissions. Check out Sally’s page by clicking on the thumbnail.

Syd Krochmalny is an artist and writer interested in the relationship between art, biography, society, politics, and sexuality. He is involved in the Center for Artistic Investigation (CIA) and was recently awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the Argentinian Research Council CONICET at the Institute of the Theory and History of Art Julio Payró in the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at the University of Buenos Aires. His recent exhibitions include The Naked Soul at Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, and ISA, Yokohama, and The Origin of the World at the University of Stirling, United Kingdom. Krochmalny is a visiting scholar at Columbia University in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Studies. Check out Syd’s thumbnail for more details about his Naked Soul project based on the image of Stephen Gough.

Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework undertaken in the long hours spent in their cells to foster hope, discipline and self-esteem.

In prisons all across the UK, inmates are filling their hours embroidering highly-crafted cushions, bags, pictures  and patchwork quilts. The work is of a superb quality as prisoners are taught and supported by volunteers from the Embroiderers and Quilters Guild.

The prisoners are paid for their work, which is then sold around the world; their pieces are the perfect choice for unique and handmade gifts. Some pieces are interior design commissions, others heritage pieces for organisations such as the: V&A, English Heritage, Tate Modern, National Gallery, Jerwood foundation and the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince of Wales.

Fine Cell Work have been commissioned to create two new cushions for the NЯO Collection based on Glen Vaudrey’s Naked Rambler at the Mountains of Madness painting. Click on Fine Cell Work’s thumbnail to keep up to date with the progress.

Louise Simpson  created a piece of Naked Rambler art using only her finger tips and a mobile phone, Louise explains;

“I first saw Stephen Gough quite by chance one evening while flicking through the channels on the TV. At first I was shocked to see a naked fella with a huge back pack, tramping over fields and valleys, without a care in the world. I could not take my eyes off the seemingly peaceful character who was being filmed by a BBC2 film crew. However my shock soon turned to interest and admiration for the quirky, down to earth, rather eccentric individual The Naked Rambler!

After watching the Documentary about the Naked Rambler I was hooked and felt the need to find out more about Stephen. Not only was there a popular following on social media about Stephen Gough and his life and choices to live the way he wanted, but there was an abundance of websites also following his every move. My drawing of the Naked Rambler was originally just a personal doodle on one of my digital drawing apps. However like all doodlers, I could not stop doodling and the drawing sort of evolved into the perfect setting for Stephen Gough! I felt the need to free him, if only digitally to a world where he could wander naked without the restraints of the eyes of society. For anyone unfamiliar with digital drawing apps, I used an app called Paper By Fifty Three and the drawing was created all by the touch of my finger! No pens, pencils or paint involved. I posted the drawing on the Facebook Page in support of the Naked Rambler and I also sent a copy of my drawing to Stephen Gough in prison. Stephen appreciated it and we wrote letters back and forth. One of the letters I received from Stephen I incorporated into another of my digital drawings, this I also posted on the Facebook page.” Check out Louise’s page by clicking on the thumbnail.

Gilpin Smart Arts grew from Fine Arts when Alan and Grace Gilpin realised there was a need for an art and craft supplier in Richmond. Grace had struggled to get some materials and after talking to a wholesaler, they began to stock various paints, papers and brushes.

It ballooned from there! They now have an extensive range of acrylic, watercolour and oil papers, pads and canvases and also cover a wide range of craft supplies as well. They try to source products that are hard to find and will even pass a customer on to another supplier.

Both Alan and Grace have a broad knowledge of art and craft materials and will endeavour to help with most queries and enquiries. What they don't know they will try and find out. Grace created an animal cartoon of the Naked Rambler in the form of a roving sheep. It is hoped that we can produce this into an animated cartoon series which we have given the working title of “Stephen the Goat”. For the latest comic developments, click on Gilpin Smart Arts thumbnail above.

Naked Rambler outside the Pink House. Oil on Canvas. 12in by 9in. From GLEN VAUDREY. CRYPTOZOOLOGY SERIES February 2015

Louise Simpson

Naomi Wilkinson is an Illustrator based in Bristol. Her Naked Rambler sketch was inspired by reading about Stephen Gough in a Guardian article by Neil Forsyth in 2012.

Click on Naomi’s thumbprint for more examples of her work.

Franz Petto lives in Vienna, Austria and has a very unique style of painting. His Naked Rambler painting is not instantly recognisable as Stephen Gough but nevertheless, it is called The Naked Rambler. Franz explains his background here: “ I am an artist with experience in psychiatry. The reason is complex, but mainly my family history. My father was nine years old when he was deported to an extermination camp in Gacowo. The camp was built up by Tito, a former dictator of Ex-Yugoslavia after World War II. My father and a part of his family survived, but the circumstances were terrible. More than half of the inmates died from hunger and disease, or were shot down just in the beginning. These old stories influenced my childhood and led to my vocation. After the war it was not allowed to speak about these occurrences.” Click on Franz’s thumbnail to learn more.

We are pleased to announced that four new Glen Vaudrey Oil paintings were added to our NЯO Art Collection in December 2014. “Naked Rambler at the Mountains of Madness”, “Naked Rambler verses Police Priorities”, “Naked Rambler at Stonehenge” and “Naked Rambler’s Day Off”. See opposite and click on the images to enlarge.

Glen Vaudrey of the Northern School of art became our first NЯO “Artist in Residence” for Winter. Glen, known for his many dark and brooding northern landscape creations, will be producing a series of L. S. Lowry type paintings of the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough. Click on Glen’s thumbnail to learn more about how he became so involved with the study of, arguably, Eastleigh’s most famous resident (Comedian Benny Hill once worked in the town as a milkman). Two new Glen Vaudrey Naked Rambler paintings were put up for sale on eBay on December 9th 2014 quickly followed by four more in January 2015. These promise to be very exciting times for Glen and the Naked Rambler Art genre as a whole.


Naked Rambler ceramic sculpture. From SALLY HACKETT. Circa May 2012.