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Sep 11, 2015            Augustus Stephens

Stephen Gough with Augustus Stephens

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough with musician and performer Augustus Stephens

We sat on logs in a glade and ate pork and mushroom rolls that I had prepared and coffee from my flask. We talked for hours

Rugby musician and performer Augustus Stephens spends a couple of hours discussing philosophy with Stephen Gough outside Twyford in Hampshire before his untimely arrest for allegedly breaching his ASBO.

Sep 9, 2015            James Arthur Allen

Jul 22, 2012                        Vicky Allan

Stephen Gough Image by James Arthur Allen Pentland Hills Regional Park

Stephen Gough      © James Arthur Allen

Sleeping in the woods

I met with Stephen yesterday between Newbury and Winchester. He seemed in good spirit and I get the impression he will be walking naked very soon

James Allen is a freelance photo journalist who was interested in doing a piece for the very popular news website Vice.com In the end his piece was rejected but his pictures were used by local newspapers.

What I learned from sleeping in the woods with the naked rambler

For Gough and his cause, though, perhaps a rearrest is the best thing. The last thing, he must want is for this concrete adversary of the law to melt away. For without that he would be left to pit himself against the vast amorphous rest of the population, who wear clothes and are suspicious of those who don't.  "Put it away," is the standard response.

Aug 14, 2015                       Alev Scott

Aug 14, 2015              Stephen Gough  

Aug 14, 2015                Isobel Williams

Alev Scott Cambridge Literary Festival April 6 2014 Naked Rambler Stephen Gough on the South Downs - © Copyright Image Bob Dyer Artist's impression of Naked Rambler Stephen Gough during his interview with writer Alev Scott and artist Isobel Williams

Desperate to express himself to an audience - his eyes lock onto mine as he explains his belief in “the truth”

Istanbul based freelance journalist Alev Scott bares all with the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough in the back of a car with blacked out windows and later at a “safe house” somewhere in Winchester. How did she fare? Find out here.

Taking pictures of naked people for publication in newspapers is fraught with difficulties

Andrew Hasson photographed Stephen Gough for the Sunday Times after his release from Winchester Prison, where he had spent most of the time in solitary confinement. Andrew shared his thoughts about his encounter with Stephen Gough at Crowlink, high up on the South Downs with views over the English Channel and down towards Birling Gap.

'I thought - fxxx! That is what I am!' says Stephen Gough, aka the Naked Rambler.

He rambles on nakedly in a borrowed room, well furnished with good books and family photos. The house speaks of security and comfort, a tender love of grandchildren. Steve has been absent from the lives of his children and he anticipates re-arrest before long. Artist Isobel Williams sets out to draw the Naked Rambler in all his glory.

Alev Scott interview

© Copyright Image by Bob Dyer

© Isobel Williams                     Life Art

Jun 11, 2015                     Tom Whipple

Tom Whipple article

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough on the South Downs

Twelve years ago I spent a night in the Naked Rambler’s caravan, and found him an extremely hospitable man. In the evening we ate a meal bought with his prison release cheque and argued about the merits of public nudity. That was in 2003.

Tom Whipple is a journalist and writes for The Times. Tom joined The Times in 2006. He writes features for Times 2 and across the paper. In the course of his duties he has voluntarily seen the inside of both the world’s hottest sauna and the world’s most irradiated nature reserve. He has involuntarily seen the inside of a Danish police cell, as well as the danglier bits of Swiss naked hikers.

You keep getting locked up, you’ve spent a long time in prison, a lot of the time you have been segregated, what does that feel like?

Some people who have complained about you, they say they think what you are doing is “disgusting”, what would you say them?

Stephen Slominski is a Freelance Journalist and Editor at the Eastleigh News, an independent hyperlocal news website for Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Mr Slominski met newly released Stephen Gough outside Winchester Prison on Friday, 15 January, 2016 and later conducted an interview with him at Farley Mount Countryside Park. This is his story.

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough - Release from HMP Winchester Friday, 15 January, 2016

Jan 15, 2016               Stephen Slominski

Stephen Gough         © Stephen Slominski