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We are always on the lookout for new talent. Be it budding artists, animators, cartoonists, film producers, journalists, performers, photographers or writers. We can showcase your work here, on the new Naked Rambler Organisation database website and it’s completely free of charge.

What’s more, we would also like to hear more news and views from members of the public.

For more details, enquiries or opinions about the Naked Rambler Organisation in general, please feel free to contact us at : info@nakedrambler.org

We also have a twitter page at :


Ask us anything. We’re only a tweet away.

Our Mission ……………………………………

 The Mission of the Naked Rambler Organisation is basically ten fold:

We love Art

Naked Rambler Art is in its very infancy. At the time of writing this article, we have so far only discovered a magical seven artists who have taken the time and trouble to explore, through their own art, the origins, the natural beauty, and the spiritual awakenings of Stephen Gough, the so called Naked Rambler, who, on his merry escapades along Scotland and England’s pleasant highways and byways, became almost a prisoner of conscience with his lifetime service behind bars. The Naked Rambler Organisation is buying up some of these artworks to display them for the visitors of this website. For many, these paintings and sculptures could become of great importance one day; they may speak of their own inner yearnings and possible disillusionments with society as a whole. For them, the Naked Rambler’s “cause” can be a kind of education about spiritual enquiry, about our prejudices and morality in culture and its central role in the very fabric of human society. In a nutshell, it’s about looking for opportunities in a disappearing world.

Book Collection

The Naked Rambler Amazon List is a wish list of all the books you’ll ever need to have to understand the workings of a mind such as Stephen Gough’s. Stephen Gough was released from Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison on Friday October 5th 2012 at 5.30am. He headed south, naked as the day he was born, on his last naked walk out of Scotland and reached the English border after five glorious days of sunshine. On leaving Edinburgh, after six and a half years of solitary confinement in Scotland, Stephen Gough had already acquired over forty books in his possession, mostly on the subjects of philosophy and law. For the first time, we are able to bring them to life here, over on the Amazon List page and open them up for discussion and debate. To view our Top Ten Naked Rambler Books please see the Amazon List page.

Facebook …………………………………

We have teamed up with the administrators of the “Free the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough Facebook Group”.  A support page set up to bring you a forum on all the latest developments in the Stephen Gough saga. Click on the link to join in with the informal discussions from fellow Naked Rambler group members.  

Commemorative Walks

If all that wasn’t enough, then the Naked Rambler Organisation also plans to lead an active schedule of rambling activities. It is in the interests of Stephen Gough’s continuing belief that the human body is not indecent and that people are fundamentally good on the inside as well as on the outside that the work and evolution of the Naked Rambler Organisation should continue to grow. For those people who can work in creative and testing environments and never waver in such a way as to compromise their own beliefs or judgements, then it is to them that this work is being aimed.

The ASPIS Committee (Addressing Stephen’s Problem In Situ)

We grew out of an idea put forward by Judge Jane Miller QC at the Winchester judgement of Stephen Gough in October 2014. There, after a trial by jury, her honour Jane Miller QC appealed for anyone to find a solution to Mr Gough’s “going round in circles in an endless cycle of prison sentences” and suggested herself that some kind of “closed community” should be found for Gough otherwise “he is going to continue committing offences till the end of his natural life.”

An ongoing effort  by the Naked Rambler Organisation to raise public awareness of the plight of Stephen Gough, and the ways in which he is regularly arrested and imprisoned continues to gain pace. Throughout the trials and tribulations of Stephen Gough’s struggles, the yearning of the public to look for ways of discovering a final solution to “Stephen’s Problem” has remained elusive. The idea of a Naked Rambler Organisation is a welcome answer to those pleadings by Jane Miler QC and the public at large. An appeal was therefore sent out to a cross section of the naturist community of England but all requests for help in finding a suitable position to house the Naked Rambler on their premises were declined. Then in November 2014, the concept of building our own close knit social media community on the Internet was born as a direct result of those failings. It is our hope that one day Stephen Gough will come and  join us.